About the Show

Mary Scruggs is a Writer, Actress, Teacher, and Mother who lives in Chicago.

A good friend of hers who is a Vietnam Veteran and Motorcycle Enthusiast takes this trip every year called the Run for the Wall. The Run consists of  two to three hundred Motorcycle Enthusiasts, most of them Veterans, who ride from Ontario, California to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC. The ride starts in mid May, and they arrive at the Memorial during Memorial Day weekend.

They ride for themselves and those lost and missing. Along the way, they stop in small towns across America, often receiving the welcome they didn’t get when they first came home from overseas.

A few years ago, Mary thought it would be an interesting experience to go along with the Run to gather research for some future book or project. As these things often go, she got a lot more than she bargained for. Her tales about the trip are hilarious, powerful, and poignant.

Mary has created a one-woman show about this adventure, Missing Man.

Missing Man was directed by Edward Thomas-Herrera